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Hi, I'm Yuki Fujisawa.

Born and raised in north Osaka in the early 80s, I went to school and lived my early life like any other Osakan boy. Vibrant characters and colorful language were my day-to-day, and I was quickly seduced by the twin obsessions of the city; delicious food and shopping for a good deal!

  • Languages

    I'm a native Japanese speaker and I speak fluent English, Italian & French.

  • Certifications

    I'm a Certified national tourist guide in English, EN00210 and Italian, IT0006.

  • Background

    I was born and raised in Osaka and have traveled to over 75 countries.

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Meet your Guide

My early years are full of typical Osakan memories; cherry blossom festivals in spring, shrill cicadas in summer and warming bowls of ramen in winter. As I got a little older however, my interest and curiosity in the outside world became too much to resist and I embarked on a journey that would completely change my life. 

Throughout my 20s, I visited over 70 countries, learning English and Italian in the process and spending countless days and nights in too many places to remember, learning about the people of the world, sharing experiences both mundane and exciting with fleeting acquaintances and some that would go on to become lifelong friends. 

Returning to Japan and reconnecting with the people and places that had shaped my character was a wonderful experience and it seemed only natural therefore to bring together my love for my hometown and passion for international connection and communication. This is how Inside Osaka was born.

  • Unparalleled local knowledge

    "I spent one year living in Tokyo but I learned more about the intricacies of Japanese culture in the three hours with Yuki! He gave us a unique insight into the real Osaka. Can't recommend Yuki's tour enough!"

    – Michael D

  • An absolute must

    "Best tour of my Japan trip. Period. Yuki is an awesome guide, he took us to places in Osaka that would never have showed up on Trip Advisor or yelp. I would not hesitate to recommend Yuki’s tours to anyone."

    – Aankdlfke

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