Inside Osaka creates unique experiences for visitors to Japan’s capital of food.

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As the tourism industry explodes back into life in Japan post-covid, international visitors have once again returned to the streets of Osaka. Powered by YouTube videos by travelers before them as well as countless blog posts and guidebook articles, certain areas of the city have come to be almost completely dominated by tourists.

It's so great to see everyone back in town, but it is kind of sad to imagine people coming to Osaka for a couple of days, taking a selfie at Dotonbori, seeing the big shark at the aquarium, eating takoyaki on the street, but actually missing out on the best the city has to offer.

Meaningful experiences

Inside Osaka is here for travelers who want more than the average box checking holiday, and exists to introduce visitors to what makes the city tick, to challenge stereotypes, to meet new people, to laugh, to eat, to drink and to make memories that will last forever.

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Drawing on a lifetime of experience living and working in Osaka, this tiny team (of precisely one person!) is determined, quite simply, to lead the most authentic food and drink experiences anywhere in the city, introducing the characters, foods and drinks that make Osaka such a unique and amazing place to visit.

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